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Surrey Tithe Records CD or DVD

There is one disc for each tithe district, containing: High resolution coloured digital images of the tithe map of the district, presented using software which allows you to navigate around the map and zoom in on sections Transcript of the award or agreement for the district, transcript of the apportionment and summary for the district, and a guide to the transcriptions. An Excel spreadsheet containing the apportionment data for the district sorted in parcel number order These discs require Microsoft Windows to run.  Each disc is £30, p&p extra
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Surrey’s Sporting Life

Surrey has a rich and varied sporting life. Today it has polo pitches, golf courses, pretty village cricket pitches and of course a first class cricket team. In the past there was stoolball (an early form of rounders), baseball and motor racing. Surrey's Sporting Life booklet takes you on a journey through Surrey's sporting history - cricket, football, cycling, horse racing, skiffing, shooting, golf, boxing and much more. Produced by Surrey Heritage for Surrey County Council.  24pp, 49 illustrations.  Free, plus £3.50 postage and packing
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The Medieval and Post-Medieval development of Reigate Priory, by Rob Poulton

Archaeological work 2005-2008, Incorporating the results of earlier work in 1990 and 1993. SpoilHeap Occasional Paper 1, ISBN 978-0-9558846-5-8 43 pages, 45 illustrations.  Price £8 + £3.50 p&p  
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The moated Medieval manor and Tudor Royal residence at Woking Palace. Excavations between 2009 and 2015, by Rob Poulton

SpoilHeap Monograph no 16, ISBN 978-1-912331-03-1 245 pages, 190 illustrations.  Price £15 + £3.50 p&p  
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The Sheriffs of Surrey

By David Burns, (Phillimore and Surrey Local History Council, 1992).  ISBN 0850338476.  Price £4.95, p&p extra A history of the sheriffs of Surrey and list of those holding the office, 1066-1992
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Upper Palaeolithic sites in the lower courses of the Rivers Colne and Wey: excavations at Church Lammas and Wey Manor Farm, by Phil Jones

SpoilHeap Monograph 5, ISBN No 978-0-955884672 114 pages, 64 illustrations.  £15 + £3.50 p&p  
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Victorian Happy Family playing cards

Victorian Happy Family playing cards, £1.95 per pack, p&p extra
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Victorian Woking

'Victorian Woking.  Being a short account of the development of the town and parish in the Victorian era', by J R and S E Whiteman (1970).  Price £4.99, p&p extra
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Views of Surrey Churches, by C T Cracklow

Views of Surrey Churches, by C T Cracklow, (1979).  Price £7.50, p&p extra
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Wills Transcription Service

Wills are a wonderful resource for family and local historians but often they can be challenging to read. If you are struggling to read a will why not take advantage of our Wills Transcription Service. For an English will, prices are £17.50 for the first 10 lines and £10.00 for each consecutive 10 lines. For a Latin will, prices are £25.00 for the first 10 lines and £15.00 for each consecutive 10 lines.
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Woking Palace, by Rob Poulton and Giles Pattison, revised edition 2017

SpoilHeap Publications, first published 2010, revised edition 2017, ISBN 978-0-9558846-3-4 14 pages, 24 illustrations.  Price £5 + £3.50 p&p  
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