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Copying Service

  • The item document reference is required, and should be prefilled on this form if you have selected an item direct from our archive catalogue.
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Surrey History Centre is able to offer an A4 and A3 flatbed scanning and camera based digitisation service, which can be used to provide copies from a wide range of archive and library material.


Each item will be assessed as to its suitability for copying.

  • The text on some documents may not be easily legible. Every effort will be made to provide copies to the highest standard possible for research needs.
  • It may not be possible to provide copies of documents in certain formats, or those which are damaged or are in a fragile condition.
  • It may not be possible to copy documents which have been stapled, pinned or tied together.
  • Be aware that if a document is heavily folded or tightly rolled and cannot be safely held down, creases and shadowing may appear in the copy.
  • Special arrangements can be made to include seals, but as documents containing these cannot be held down creases and shadowing may appear in the copy.
  • Tightly bound, damaged, very heavy or large bound volumes may be unsuitable for copying.
  • There may be some restrictions in copying very large maps and plans.
  • Where documents have been previously microfilmed, copies will still be available from our microfilm printer. Digitised copies of these documents may be provided on request.


  • Digital images will be provided according to current copyright law and where compatible with conservation guidelines.
  • We offer printouts and electronic images on CD or made available for download. Printouts are available on A4 or A3 size format, in black and white or colour, on basic paper.
  • Digital images will normally be supplied at a standard 300dpi (dots per inch) resolution in jpeg format. Images will be printed to fit A4/A3 size sheets unless otherwise requested.
  • A permission to reproduce/publish form may be required if the printout/digital image on CD is intended for purposes other than private study.
  • We reserve the right to charge the full price of any incorrect item supplied as a result of the information given by the customer.
  • We will not accept responsibility for delay, non-delivery or damage incurred by Postal Services.
  • We reserve the right to change the prices as published.
  • We offer a turnaround time of a maximum 10 working days from receipt of payment.
  • The turnaround time does not include public holidays during which the Surrey History Centre is closed. The turnaround is also subject to equipment failure and staff absences. Difficult to handle material, large orders and special requirements will fall outside of the advertised turnaround time and prices, and will be agreed with the customer.
  • Digital images will be stored electronically for one month from the date of completion of an order. After a month the images will be deleted.
  • If the digital image supplied is of a poor quality for any other reason not related to the condition of the original item, we would offer a replacement copy without any additional cost to the customer.



(a) I have not been previously supplied with a copy of the same material by you or any other archivist/librarian/heritage assistant

(b) I will not use the copy, except for research for a non-commercial purpose or private study and will not supply a copy of it to any other person

(c) to the best of my knowledge no other person with whom I work or study has made or intends to make, at or about the same time as this request, a request for substantially the same material for substantially the same purpose.

I understand that if the declaration is false in a material particular the copy supplied to me by you will be an infringing copy and I shall be liable for infringement of copyright as if I had made the copy myself.

Data Protection Act 1998 – the information you have provided will be used to process your request for copies and will not be passed to anyone else. This form will be kept for 7 years after the current one to comply with copyright legislation and audit purposes.  Please see our Privacy policy for further details.


Images on CD, Images sent by Egress or drop box, A4 basic paper, A3 basic paper