Minutes of annual and other general meetings of Surrey County Cricket Club. First entry is an offprint, with some manuscript alterations, of The Sunday Times, 31 Aug 1845, article, 'Formation of a Surrey County Club', reporting the meeting at the Horns Tavern, Kennington, at which the club was founded. This is followed by an article 'The Surrey County Cricket Club' from Sunday Times, 26 Oct 1845, reporting a meeting at the Horns Tavern on 18 Oct at which the rules were agreed and members elected, and by 'the names of the Gentlemen who upon this occasion handed in their cards as Members'. At the general meeting of members held on 4 Mar 1846, 'the Minutes of the Meeting of the 18th of October 1845 were read and duly confirmed. (These Minutes mean the Business portion of the printed Report of that Meeting)'. The minutes also include: 29 Apr 1846: engagement of bowlers; boys to attend the ground on each practice day; bats, balls and stumps ordered; 'catapult' ordered; 13 May 1846: match list for the year; 28 Apr 1853: previous year's accounts; engagement and payment of players; General Meeting, 1854: 'the present position of affairs relating to the Oval Ground ... whether it was advisable to dissolve the Club'. Most of the minutes are of meetings to ballot new members: these appear to be general meetings, not committee meetings, but to have been attended by few members.

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