SHC Reference6729/3/4
TitleSignet letter from Queen Jane [Lady Jane Grey], Tower of London, to the sheriff, justices of the peace and other gentlemen of Surrey. She exhorts them to stand fast in their allegiance to her following the proclamation of her succession, and to continue with their duties despite 'slanderous reports or letters' issued by Lady Mary, reminding them of the 'persuasions' and 'commandments' of King Edward VI to establish the 'preservation of the Crown in the whole, undefiled English blood'. She understands that 'certain of our nobility' have already written to them in her cause, to keep the succession 'out of the dominion of strangers and papists'. Sign manual 'Jane the Quene'.

[HMC p.609b; Kempe p.124]
Date16 Jul 1553


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